Vishakha Subhedar Exit From Maharashtrachi Hasya Jatra

Visakha, who entertained the audience with her humorous acting style in various programms like Fu Bai Fu, Bullet Train, and Maharashtra hasyajatra. she took an exit from Comedy Express,

Yes, actress Visakha Subhedar, who has made a name for herself as a stand-up comedian, has stopped the journey of comedy and she has made a big post on social media about it. She decided to take a break from the superhit format of comedy by making her place in the minds of the audience by making people laugh.
she said, ‘In addition to the skit,  she plans to do a little different styling.’ Visakha has written about this on social media. She thanked the co-stars, the director, the show’s team and the audience.

Actress Vishakha Subhedar in the popular show ‘Maharashtrachi Hasyajatra’ has a large fan base. One of the decisions she has made is currently being appreciated.

Visakha has acted in many programs, series and films. She has acted in films like Yedyanchi Jatra, are aavaj konacha, Zhapatlela 2, 66 Sadashiv, Mast Challay Aamcha, Ye Re Ye Re Pavasa, Sasucha Swayamvar, Balak Palak, Fakta Ladh Mhana, Dagdabaichi Chaal. Also, Visakha and Sameer Chowgule are an estranged couple from the comedy fair series. These two have so far driven the audience crazy with their jokes.

Visakha Subhedar shared an emotional post informing the fans about this. She writes in her post …

‘A decision …… has been working in skit format for many years .. Comedy Express, Fu Bai Fu, Bullet Train, and Comedy Jatra ..!

The winning couple of the first season of 2011, Mangle and I … and today 2022 Sameer and Visakha …. this journey is not really easy … I have never been a very great comedian, but fulfilling the given role, what can be done in it However, it is honestly done by researching or presenting what the author has written with perfect binding.
With the help of my co-stars, I created the tuning, bonding, chemistry required for the performance of both of us, thinking about how their work would flourish … I have lived 15 minutes of each role in the weekly skit for the last 10 years ..! Sachin Mote, Sachin Goswami has played a huge role in my journey in the field of acting …!
It was because of them that I became known as a comedy actress. The tension is terrible every time there is a skit or before it happens. I want to do better than yesterday, get out of that tension for a while. And one, I got another big job, I got a serial film .. it hasn’t happened yet .. (but it will happen later) so if I leave the fair, there is no such thing. No one should be accused of creating a new generation. Because generations have to happen …! And your exit must be in meditation. Instead of saying “go now”. Doesn’t it sound great to hear “Arrrrrrrr” ..!

So .. the church is thinking of working in addition to a little skit. I want to work with a different style.
The church should always be greedy ..!’

With that, she told the fans her decision.


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