Star Pravah claims Kiran Mane was removed from ‘Mulgi Zali Ho’

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Star Pravah claims Kiran Mane was removed from ‘Mulgi Zali Ho’ over ‘disrespectful behaviour’

It was reported that “Mangi Jhali Ho” fame actor Kiran Mane was suddenly expelled from Star Pravah. On Sunday, January 16, the channel that aired the program Star Pravah revealed that Kiran had been fired for his misbehavior with his colleagues. The serial “Mulgi Jhali Ho” revolves around a girl, Mau, where a girl is born in a family that wants a boy and that girl is Mau, not everyone wants it. Kiran Mane has played the role of Vilas Patil, the father of Mau.

However, Kiran Mane is of the opinion that he was unofficially removed from the project due to his intense political views on social media.

Kiran Mane Dropped From The Show Due To His Continuous Disrespectful & Offensive Behaviour Towards His Co-Stars

In a statement, Star Pravah said that the allegations made by Mane were baseless and imaginary.

There were numerous complaints about Kiran’s disrespectful and offensive behavior towards his co-stars, directors and other unit members of the show.
He had been told many times before about his behavior. But he continued to do so, violating the etiquette of the set. Thus Kiran was removed for abusing her co-stars after a complaint from a female performer on the set.

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