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Mogal Mardini Chhatrapati Tararani Film Story, Cast, Director Name, Actors Name and More

Mogal Mardini Chhatrapati Tararani- मोगल मर्दिनी छत्रपती ताराराणी 

‘Mughalmardini Chhatrapati Tararani’ To Be The World’s First Marathi Hollywood Movie To Be Shot In English With Marathi.

Sonalee Kulkarni’s Mogalmardini Chhatrapati Tararani becomes the first-ever Marathi-Hollywood film. She portrays the character of the famous historical Queen Maharani. Sonalee Kulkarni is all set to create history by working in the first Marathi movie ever to be shot in English as well. The film is titled Mogalmardini Chhatrapati Tararani. The film is based on the historical queen, Chhatrapati Tarabai. now the heroic story of Chhatrapati Tararani will reach across the seas.

Mogal Mardini Chhatrapati Tararani Film Video Story, Director Name And Cast

This is a historical drama based on the life of Maratha queen Tarabai. Based on the book, Mughal Mardini Maharani Tarabai, written by great historical writer Dr. Jaysingrao Pawar, the story of the film depicts the unsung story of a legendary Maratha queen, who has a huge part in sustaining the Maratha kingdom.

The movie is being backed by Black Hangar Studios who had previously produced Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and The Grand Tour. Jack Seal of Black Hangar Studios said in a press statement, “We aim to make films more engaging for global audiences irrespective of the language and medium and we are committed to making the story come alive.”

Tarabai fought the Mughals, Nizamshahi, Aadilshahi, Qutubshahi, Dutch, British, Portuguese, and Siddis at the same time. The motion poster shared by Sonalee also explores the various sides of the fearless warrior.

Mogalmardini Chhatrapati Tararani is slated to release on Diwali in 2022. Being an OTT release, it will be available to the viewers both in India and overseas.

On the day of Bhau Bij, Sonali shared the first motion poster of this movie on her Instagram account. Introducing Akshay Vilas Bardapurkar, ‘Planet Marathi’, ‘Golden Rato Films’, ‘Black Hunger Studios’ and ‘Orvo Studios’, Motion Poster of Actress Sonali Kulkarni Starrer ‘Mogulmardini Chhatrapati Tararani’!

Mogal Mardini Chhatrapati Tararani Film, Director Name, And Cast

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Release Date

‘Mogal Mardini Chhatrapati Tararani’ is all set to release in Diwali 2022. Unfortunately, the movie Mogal Mardini Chhatrapati Tararani is not available to watch/stream on any of the streaming platforms in India.

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