London New Year’s Eve Fireworks Tickets : The third batch of tickets will be released on December 9

Preparations for fireworks for the arrival of New Year 2023 begin. The third batch of London New Year’s Eve Fireworks Tickets will be available on  December 9 to make the first day of 2023. The final tickets for the London New Year’s Eve Fireworks will be sold on the River Thames in central London for the arrival of 2023, with around 50,000 tickets sold in the first batch of tickets in preparation for the 2023 year.

The first and second batches of London New Year’s Eve Fireworks Tickets have been released in the first week of October and December and the coming week of December will be the last week of ticket availability for the New Year.

Where are the fireworks going to be set off for London’s New Year’s Evening?

Due to the ravages of Covid-19 across the world in the last two years, everyone missed the New Year celebration. But this year, for the arrival of 2023, this ceremony will be performed in London at midnight in front of the London Eye.

Tickets for New Years’ Eve Fireworks in London

The London Eye area is large, this area is properly used for the safety of the audience and you can watch the London New Year’s Eve fireworks from six different parts of the London Eye. This includes areas south of the river behind the London Eye as well as along the Thames, on individual bridges, and in other areas.

The details of these six parts can be found on the following website.

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Tickets are required to see the New Year’s Eve show and are priced at £15 each and will be available from noon on Friday, 2nd December 2022. A maximum of four tickets will be available for each spectator.

Also, the New Year will be ushered in by the sound of Big Ben, but even if everyone can’t make it to the venue, there’s no need to despair as the event will be broadcast live on BBC One and iPlayer.

Clear your few more doubts about London New Year’s Evening 2023 tickets

Can I buy tickets for London New Year’s Evening 2023?

Yes, You can buy London New Year’s Evening 2023 tickets through the website.

In which area will I be able to see London New Year’s Evening 2023 with the purchased ticket?

  • BLUE ARAE TICKETS – cover the part of Victoria Embankment from Westminster Bridge to Embankment Underground Station. Spectators can access it from the north side of the River Thames.
  • RED AREA TICKETS – A Red Area ticket will cover the Victoria Embankment section from Embankment to Temple Avenue.
  • GREEN AREA TICKETS – These tickets will cover the back of the lastminute.com London Eye.
  • WHITE AREA TICKETS – only allow entry to Westminster Bridge.
  • PINK AREA TICKETS – Waterloo Bridge
  • ORANGE AREA TICKETS – will include access to the Albert Embankment, St. Thomas Hospital riverside, and riverside entrance.

How many tickets can be bought per person?

For larger families – groups, you can purchase four tickets for each person, with an accompanying adult in mind.

Can I resell purchased tickets?


What if I can’t attend the event after buying the tickets?

You can apply for a refund of a ticket purchased by 5 pm on Monday 28 November.

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