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Krutika Tulaskar- कृतिका तुळसकर

One of the finest and talented actress in the film industry. Krutika Tulaskar is an Indian film and Tv actress. Many people know her for her role in movie Baban (2018), Vijeta (2020), and Pashbandh (2015).

Currently, actress Kritika Tulaskar will play the role of Shevanta in Ratris Khel Chale 3 (2021).

Let’s get more details about Krutika Tulaskar’s professional life. what was his career as a Model, Actress in Serials, Movies?


Film Role Year
Pashbandh 2015

Hausa 2018
Vijeta Swapna 2020


Kritika impressed fans with her acting in films. She featured in Pashbandh (2015), Bai Go Bai (2015), Baban (2018). She is now awaiting the release of her next film ‘Vijeta’ which will hit the theatres on December 10, 2021.

Kritika has been working in theater for the last 18 years and has acted in many plays and films.

She also appeared in the Wedding cha shinema, Boyz 2, Ulat Sulat, girlz.

One Drama is a turning point in her life, named Lagnbambal by Ekdant Creation.

Kritika is a great dancer.

Kritika is a Kathak expert.

Kritika, who is a professional psychologist, turned to act to cultivate her passion.

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